Friday, October 13, 2006

10-13-06 Wrap up

My trade stats posted on Stocktickr don't reflect the actual results of my trading because one of the trades I made this week was on a stock they didn't have in their data base (INAP)... and unfortunately that was my worst trade of the week... so instead of a small profit of $242 which is shown by my stocktickr record I'm actually down for the week about $200. The good news is I'm up for the month about $1500. Not big time winnings, but I'll take it over big time loses.

Here is a link to my Month to date trading record: TradeR:R trading record

Today was no fun... I have yet to break my habit of losing on Thursday and Friday. I'll have to spend some time this weekend looking closer at my trades from those days.


  • That's an impressive trading record this month. A lot more green on yours than mine!

    I'm checking with our data provider on INAP - I see no reason it shouldn't be in our database.

    By Anonymous Dave, at 9:17 AM  

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