Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Swingin baby

I'm swing trading more these days... busy schedule demands that I do less day trading right now.

So, I started out the week with a bearish bias towards the markets as a whole and spent some time this weekend looking for good candidates. I settled on a nice list of about 10 and then on Monday morning entered three short trades as swing trade positions: AAPL, ERIC, BSC.

Then the market appeared stronger than I thought it would be and so I exited AAPL and ERIC before they hit my stops (they still actually haven't hit my stops as of this blog entry). I hung on to BSC because it looked to at least be running into more resistance to the up side.

Now two days later, I'm wishing I had let my positions ride with my stops in place... because 1) I'd still be in the positions and 2) Two of the positions would be currently profitable and the third (ERIC) looks like it may break down after all.

Ah well, at least I hung on to one.

One more nice bit of news... Stocktickr has added a position scale in feature to their service.

Happy trading.


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